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Thanks to Cody Starr and Texas Music Blog for a great write up:

Scissor Tail is the debut album released in 2014 from DocFell & Co, lead by doctor by day/Red Dirt singer-songwriter by night, John Fell. Although they hail from Tahlequah, Oklahoma a lot of the music off Scissor Tail has a Texas honkytonk quality to it. Lots of fiddle and steel and good beats for 2-steppin’. You can fly across the dance floor with “I Do” and “Sweet Sugar Momma” or bust out your slow waltzing skills with “Pearl Snaps” and “Marmalade Kisses.” I also enjoy “Face The Music” which deals with having to finally pay the piper for your vices and the time wasted running from your problems. These guys are currently working on their next project and we should see it late summer 2016. 

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