DocFell & Co. has released a new track, FRAGILE, truly a timeless song, which in our present state of emergency here in the USA and around the world, is a song very much worth sharing with everyone you know.

Spiritually moving stories on human persistence and what comes after, whether the story hones-in on Heaven, Hell, or all of what comes in between.”

Jonathon Frahm

“Mean Marie” rides a rollicking rock-a-billy melody, as Fell narrates the tale of a woman “even the devil knows to leave her be.” Thick, fuzzy harmonics give the tune a tight frisson, declarative as all get-out.”

Randy Radic

You can hear influences of classic country singers, from Willie Nelson to Johnny Cash. In fact, “Peace Maker” might give you the same chills you get when you listen to The Highwaymen’s “Highwayman.” It’s like The Quick and The Dead for the ears. Heaven, Hell or Oklahoma is one hell of an album.”

Yvonne Glasgow

DocFell and Co. is a charismatic band from Oklahoma. They embody Country roots with their gritty sound and classic instrumentation. Their newest song, “This Machine” shows off their incredible talent and chemistry as a band.

 Sophie Levine, Big Bad Buckle

Raised on the sounds of Cash, Haggard, Nelson and Jennings the group took less of the outlaw spirit and more direct songwriting that those legends put forth with doses of modern day country to sweeten the sound for some ears.

Shawn Donahue, Glide magazine

DocFell & co. fits into nearly every country music subcategory there is, and they sound good doing it.”

Yvonne Glasgow

The storytelling of the americana styled title track “Dust Bowl Heart” is legendary.  Having never been to Oklahoma myself, I feel like I had a real taste of the scene through this song.  The closer “This Machine” shows off some Woody Guthrie influence as the vocals are sung with raw passion and the power of the guitar and driving beat push it along.  

Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru


DocFell & co. are Americana story tellers who play and sing their music with refinement and detailed description, from the instrumental arrangements to the lyrics, yet when you listen, you experience a raw, down-to-earth, lived in quality - fans of country and Americana will devour this.

Bryon William, Indie spoonful

Doc Fell and Co. are men out of time and place, and don’t no one need to bring them up to date anytime soon.
Alberto Rivera, Indie Music