Spotlight artist: Caitlin Cary

We are pleased and excited to feature the talented and lovely Caitlin Cary on our new album Dust bowl heart.  A long time Raleigh, North Carolina resident, her outstanding career includes being a member of the legendary group whiskeytown.  In addition she has released three acclaimed solo albums, a duets album with Thad Cockrell, two albums with the super-girl-group Tres Chicas, an EP with The Small Ponds, and released an album of orignal protest music with the NC Music.
Caitlin describes herself as an artist, singer, songwriter, violinist and activist. Much of her music is available on iTunes including her instant classic Begonias which was released in 2005.  Her amazing needle prints artwork is available at her website where you can learn more about her as well. 
Caitlin performed vocal tracks for our new album at her studio in Raleigh.  She sang back ground vocals on The less I know, Oklahoma lady and Home on the hill.  In addition she performed a duet on the track Tumbling dice. 
Please take a moment today and do your eyes and ears a favor by checking out our spotlight artist Caitlin Cary.

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