Music is like life.  We struggle to achieve some idealistic plateau of perfection in our lives while we are mired in a flawed state of imperfection that is insurmountable.  Likewise music as an art form attempts to blend an exact combination of words into meter and rhyme with a tempo and melody that excels into a state of undeniable greatness.  The end result is always however imperfection.
As an artist and a human, I tend to view my shortcomings in this regard as weakness.  I question my ability to not be able to flawlessly perform a song.  I forget words, I miss chords and sing off key.  I compensate by practicing more and rehearsing lyrics but in the end I still fall short.  Just as in life, our vision of being flawless is unachievable.
The reality is it is our imperfection that helps define us.  In a perfect world, well we would all be perfect.  Perfect at running, jumping, singing, dancing and so on.  Our weaknesses are what set us all apart.  I can write a good song and sing fairly well but I can't dance.  I can run for miles but I am a horrid swimmer.  Well you get the idea, it's what we can and can't do that make us unique.  So as a musician, I will always push myself to write better songs and to perform better each time I step behind the microphone.  Regardless you will see my flaws and hear my mistakes, I will be imperfectly perfect.  

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