Dust Bowl Heart

Our new album is in the works and will be called Dust bowl heart.   Once again we are recording at Monotone Studios with Aaron Pack producing and engineering the process.  The evolution of our songwriting and our experience since recording Scissor Tail has already started producing dividends in the studio with a blend of songs that will raise the bar from our debut release.  The ten tracks will be reflective of a Shakespearian tragedy telling the story of a blooming romance that withers and dies.  The title track Dust Bowl Heart not only an ode to our Oklahoman roots but a reflection of the overall theme.  The chorus speaks:

"you've got a dust bowl heart, my love don't grow there anymore  
It used to be the richest soil but now it is dirt poor
your hot wind scorched the earth as it blew me out the door
you got a dust bowl heart, my love don't grow there anymore"

While the final track This Machine pays tribute to an Okie legend Woody Guthrie:

"this machine don't run on gasoline
it's fueled by heartache rhythm and blues
this machine has scars and broken strings
and it's been known to kill a fascist or two"

Additional musical talent will include many of the same artists from the first album in addition to new talent all drawn from our locally and abundantly talented region.  One major change will be evident in the loss of our studio drummer Danny Davis.  He was a phenomenal percussionist and to know him was to love him.  In his honor we were able to salvage the drums from his last recording and use them on one track Magnolia and we hope it will be a lasting tribute to a good friend.  
We also will be using Aubrey Jensen once again to paint our cover art and we believe she will translate our work into a visually stunning masterpiece.

One final major change and piece of the equation will be our use of crowd funding.  As an unsigned independent artist with no marketing support we hope to share our new project with a larger audience and expand our fan base.  The use of additional funds will allow us to achieve our goals.  We will be using Kickstarter which will allow our fans to trade their support for items such as exclusive downloads, signed lyrics sheets, home concerts and much more.  So please stay tuned and continue to share us, like us and listen.  You are the grass roots on which we will grow.

Much love,
DocFell et al

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