building Rome...

As the saying goes Rome wasn't built in a day.  So is the slow process of our growth. Each new fan, listener and venue a brick, a stone or a beam in a tower spiraling toward the sky. Songs gradually taking form from a novel idea into a metaphorical city built of notes, sounds and words.
Early fall finds us hustling between gigs, performing for charities, recording and interviewing.  We have been to Cushing to interview with KUSH radio.  We have been to red dirt nation across from the historic Cain's to record for their series Duos.  We performed live for our sponsor 1950 clothing web site.
Our newest album is near completion and soon will begin mastering at yellow dog studios.  Soon we will begin scheduling pre-release dates and hope you will join us in our excitement.  Soon you will have our new CD but not today because just like building Rome, it just takes time.
Thank you again for your support thus far on our journey and continue to help us extend our reach.  Please share our posts and music.  Please invite friends to add us.  Please show up and support our live events. And for pete's sake wear your DocFell shirts with pride.

Much love,

DocFell aka Ceaser

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