Album cover for dust bowl heart

We have had the album name for a good while and now we have the album cover.  Using a vintage truck borrowed from Ryan Carter, Tim Bonea captured a shot of us enjoying a good laugh with the Cherokee courthouse as a back drop.  As Tim put it, people appreciate the comradery we exhibit at shows and he wanted to capture that spirit. 
As of this update, final mixes are in the mastering process and production should be starting up in the next week.  We are extremely excited about the new album and are egger to share it with you.  The release date for February 14th remains solid but for those who follow us closely, there will be opportunities to pick up a cd much sooner.  
So as 2017 approaches go ahead and make a resolution to support local live music.  We need you and our fellow musicians do as well.  

Happy holidays,
DocFell and his elves  

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