1. Beulah Land
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Beulah Land

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I’m on my way to Beulah land
Streets of gold, mansions grand
When they lay me down, I’m gonna stand
Gonna stand at the gates of Beulah land
Take saint peter by the hand
Waltz right in with a marching band
Them pearly gates of Beulah land

I was born in sin and strife
Bound to wander all my life
Searching for my Galilee
A place to set my trouble free

Toil and tears all my days
I found a lamp to light my ways
A solid rock on which to stand
A rode that lead to Beulah land


Met a beggar on the road
Had a high and heavy load
I was blind but now I see
The load he carried just for me

When at last I reach the grave
There’ll be one less soul to save
All my fear will fade away
I’m bound for glory on that fine day