1. Three Chords
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Three Chords

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My mother always thought there might be a danger
Of me growing up to be the red headed stranger
Listening to his music from dusk until dawn
She was a good hearted women and she wasn't half wrong

Picking tunes on a sears and roebuck silver-tone
The nightlife was too much for me to leave alone
Down in old honky-tonks and beer halls
Drinking yesterday's wine and playing hello walls

I've got three chords and I've got the truth
and blue eyes still cry in the rain
I've never seen heaven but I've been to abbot Texas
and I bet they look the same
Can't see nothing but blue skies
and when nothingness fades away
You can hear seven Spanish angels sing
on an uncloudy day

Been to Lukenbach back against the wall
Picking guitars just me and Paul
Bloody Mary mornings I've had a few
And I've been rolled in a joint or two

Poncho and Lefty were friends of mine
And Whiskey River is always on my mind
A family bible is there on the table
I'll be on the road again soon as I'm able