1. Mean Marie
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Mean Marie

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Marie's got a mouth make a sailor blush
A mean right hook like a grey hound bus
She'll spit and scratch and claw and cuss
Tougher then every damn one of us

If looks could kill she'd drop you dead
Smoke out her ears, eyes fiery red
Skull and crossbones over her head
Heart is hard and cold as lead

And when I says she's mean
Let me tell you what I mean
Keep me away from mean Marie
She scares the daylight out of me
Even the devil knows to leave her be
Ewwey she's mean Marie

Some say she's a witch or a voodoo queen
A monster from the silver screen
Veins are filled with kerosene
She'll tear you up like a wolverine

A prison tattoo on her thigh
She'll cut you in the blink of an eye
Snatch a baby bald and make it cry
Chews tobacco just like a guy


She got a pet crocodile
With a crooked toothless smile
Sitting on an old bone pile
New ones added once and awhile
She will curse you so we’re told
Warts up and down her nose
Skin is withered just like a rose
Even missing a couple toes