1. In Your Eyes
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In Your Eyes

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I've seen the mist rising from the canyon
I've seen it wash the sleep from the mountain's eyes
I've seen the sunrise bursting like a fountain
And I've seen it chase the shadows from the morning sky

I've seen my soul in a crystal clear river
And I laid my burdens on its rocky floor
All my life you know I've been searching
From the belly of the ocean down to God's celestial shore

And I don't know if I'll ever find Jesus
I don't know if I'll ever see the light
But I know the land of Canaan’s between us
And I swear I see heaven somewhere in your eyes

I've seen the rain fall in the driest desert
And I've seen the coldest winter warmed by spring
I've seen the tempest raging on the ocean
Three times now or so I heard the rooster sing

Seen shooting stars and four leaf clovers
I closed my eyes each time and made a wish
I seen a good man betrayed for silver
He came in the name of love and he was betrayed with a kiss


In your eyes I see redemption I do not deserve
I'll fall asleep and stay there awhile
In your arms I find safety from this old world
And I find comfort in the shadow
The shadow of your smile