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A Different Drum

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Illinois river Indian giver
fire water hurts my liver
Fields of grass smoke and pass
Gotta make the good times last

Red dirt band t-shirt
This hang overs gonna hurt
Bad tattoos too much booze
Ice coolers old canoes

Turnpike sing a long
Know the words to every song
Camp site all night
Dancing in the fire light

Pow wow holy cow
Casinos on the tribal ground
Outlaw son liquor run
The beat of a different drum

AM receiver basket weaver
I'm a day dream believer
Arrowhead fry bread
Living on the water shed

Scissor tail square hay bail
I ain’t gonna kiss and tell
Broken arrow broken bow
Passing fields of buffalo

Shit kicker berry picker
Wine is quick whiskey's quicker
Native okie karaoke
Wild horses smoked bologna


Stillwater devil's daughter
Like hell but only hotter
Cattle gate fishing bait
Living in the sooner state

Tornado alley mustang sally
Dustbowl headed off to cali
Tulsa time trot line
Brother can you spare a dime

Land run jump the gun
Woodie is a favorite son
Oil boom dried up too soon
Party's over push a broom


Bible thumpers red nosed drunkards
Horses thieves and chicken pluckers