1. Tough
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When I was a boy my papa told me
Life is full of misery
You gotta be tough if your gonna be a man
He looked me in the eye said I hope you understand

He said tell the truth don’t never lie
And never look danger in the eye
Walk away from trouble when you can
You don’t always have to fight to be a man

You can turn the other cheek and try leaving
But if you get knocked down well come up swinging
With nothing to lose like your backs against the wall
Keep the good Lord by your side
Never give the devil a ride
At the end of the day you can hold your head up tall

Well it turns out papa was right
Been going up hill all my life
And this world is always trying to knock me down
And trouble seems to always come back around

Sometimes you can’t avoid a fight
So I said my prayers every night
Lord please forgive me if you can
You know it ain’t always easy being a man


Ain’t if funny how time passes on
Been three years now since papa’s been gone
And I can still hear him like it was yesterday
Saying this rode’s gonna be rough
A man’s gotta be tough
But don’t ever let your pride get in the way