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You could fill a graveyard with the lives of men
Who drew their pistols and thought they could win
But they came up just a little too slow
And now they’re all six feet below
I wear a tin star and I uphold the law
With a trigger finger and a lightning fast draw
I keep a six shooter by my side
White horse is saddled and ready to ride
Most folks call me a peacemaker
But there aint no peace for a life taker
And the last thing they see before they hit the ground
Is the smoke from my barrel rolling down down down
Rolling down down down

You won’t get no mercy you wont get no pity
The law is the law here in Dodge City
Put em in a pink box and bury their shame
Gravedigger knows them all by name


If there was peace across the land
Would I still need this pistol in my hand
Without the devil how lost I would be
Even good guys need an enemy