1. Slim Says
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Slim Says

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Every time I write a song the critics tear it apart
Blood thirsty wolves who ain't got no heart
Tired and dated 1973
A poor man’s poor man’s Waylon or Willie

Worn out prose and tired clichés
Nobody listening to waltzes these days
Singing the songs of a wayfaring sailor
Who sailed a ship of heartache across a sea of failure

Slim says radio’s dead
You better pull the Hearse around
Ain't no soul in your rock and roll
Or that Nashville sound
We’re just playing bars, we ain't stars, royalty or kings
We got nothing to lose so we'll sing them blues and bend them guitar strings

If you got something to crow about go ahead and crow
If there's a song in your heart let the trumpet blow
Put the pen to paper and write the words you got to say
Pick up that guitar and learn how to play


I guess my old skin should have been a little thicker
To hold up to the briars, thorns and stickers
A monkey on my back with his claws in deep
Crippling self-doubt that won't let me sleep