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Home on the Hill

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She said I'm tired of traveling but we had a thousand miles to go
The moonlit road before us gave an effervescent glow
Out of work and out of money and running low on luck
Headed back to Indiana in loaded down old truck

My brother said he could get me on down at the mill
I swore I'd never go back but my broken pride I guess I will
I watched her fall asleep through my weary eyes
And let me mind wonder across them open Kansas skies

You give all that you got till there's nothing left to give
Barely getting by ain't no easy way to live
But I got you darling you’re the hand that fits my glove
Poor as a couple church mice but ain't we rich in love

Your daddy warned you not to marry this old fool
He said I couldn’t care for you in a world so mean and cruel
I'd give anything to have a roof to put over your head
For better or for worse you meant those words you said

A house is just a place built by hammer and rusty nails
A home is where your heart is with dreams too big to fail